Why choose Badass Shaver Co. instead of those other razor clubs and shops?

So you know why safety razors are badass and you know why cartridge razors aren't all they're cracked up to be. So why choose us? Why spend your money here rather than with our more famous competitors — even those who are selling safety razors?

Because We Don't Sell Nonsense

We sell badass razors and blades that get you a whole year of amazing shaves for about the cost of a single dinner out. That's all we do. Those other clubs sell fine products, no doubt. Even our founder was a satisfied member of one of them for a while. However, there's a lot of marketing going on with them that isn't necessarily what it seems to be on the surface.


Those discount cartridge razor companies love advertising cheap monthly subscriptions with discounted (or free!) startup. What they don't tell you is that you're going to get bombarded with advertisements and samples for their rather expensive shave creams, pre-shave oils, aftershave lotions, soaps, hand creams, sunscreens, lip balms, hair gels, and on and on and on, forever. The razors are used much like a "loss leader" to get you hooked on their enormous line of pricey side-products. Before you know it, you're finding yourself pressured into spending more with them than you were with the big manufacturers!


There's one of these companies in particular we've noticed. They do a great job of explaining why men of African descent are especially prone to painful and scarring razor bumps, and why safety razors are the correct shaving tool for avoiding them. However, similar to the discount cartridge razor clubs, their focus is primarily on selling their expensive proprietary toiletries as a package deal. Their subscription comes out to about $30 per month for the setup, and you don't even get the option of choosing a style of blade that's right for your skin. That's a lot of money you could be using to buy products of your own choosing from a local store at a better price.


A few years back, the host of a popular reality show started pitching a safety razor on TV commercials, and if you call now or go to their website, you'll get an amazing razor and five blades for only a little money plus shipping and handling! Sounds like a great deal, right? Well, first off, their razor source is anyone's guess. What's the quality? Is it durable or trash? Also, anyone who has bought something from an infomercial knows that not only is the shipping/handling charge for those items a real shock, but they'll start trying to upsell you all kinds of junk you don't want and don't need (and some less-scrupulous infomercial sales companies turn around and sell your personal info to other companies).

Furthermore, they also only give you one kind of blade, and don't give you a reliable way of finding more blades, or even the correct blades, for your ongoing needs. You're stuck with whichever safety razor blade you can get at your local drugstore, which is usually only the house brand and costs up to triple what safety razor blades really should cost.


Safety razors have enjoyed a minor resurgence in popularity over the last few years in the United States, as more and more men are realizing the amazing shave you get from them. So much so that an entire "wet shaving community" has sprung up online, complete with boutique shops and discussion forums. And by boutique, we mean it. Razors that cost $40 or $70 or even over $100 each, plus the "community" doing a lot of showing off their own personal razor collections to each other. Instead of being a place to get a good shave on the cheap and move on with your day, they are often places where the members gather to show off to each other. If you're just a guy who wants a simple, inexpensive tool that does the job well, dealing with that kind of "community" can be kind of off-putting.

The members can be friendly and helpful, but almost every newbie question asked in a forum devolves into the regulars yakking about their own personal collections and rituals rather than dealing with the question at hand. One shop has such a problem with it that they had to devote a single, pinned thread to their discussion forum for users to have their brag sessions. The thread has been ongoing and active for over seven years and has over 4,000 pages. Working stiffs don't have time for that!


We're all about selling a high-quality razor at a great price, finding a blade that works well for you, and selling you those blades at a great price, too. We sourced a manufacturer that specializes in high-quality, affordable barbering tools — no uncertain quality standards here, and we offer a 90-day warranty to back it up. We also tested dozens and dozens of different blades to find the blades that we believe are the best in class, whether you prefer a smooth shave, a moderate shave, or an aggressive shave. But most of all, we trust you to make your own decisions about what you need for yourself.

We never try to sell you stuff you don't want and don't need, and we never sell your personal information. Ever. And shipping, handling, and sales tax are already included in our listed prices. No unpleasant surprises, no hidden fees, no nonsense.

We don't push you to buy a bunch of overpriced perfumes and potions. If you want to use a simple can of spray foam with your Badass Shaver, go for it. If you want to go all-out and get high-end soaps and brushes and oils, enjoy. If you like the same after-shave lotion your grandpa used when he got your grandma pregnant with your dad, knock yourself out. You can find everything you want regarding shave creams and lotions and whatnot at your local drugstore or big-box store, usually much cheaper than you'll find at the other shave clubs or online boutiques.

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