How Our System Works

Here's the best part about the Badass Shaver Co. We're here to save you money. Lots of money.

First thing you get for your $20 is your beautiful, durable, all-metal Badass Shaver, a travel case, and six trial blades — two each of all three of our blade types, so you can find out which one best suits your needs. That's a whole month of shaving to try them and figure out which one you like best.

After that, it's up to you. When you want us to send you more blades, you just pick your blade type and your schedule. For the best value, we recommend choosing one of our two easy subscription choices:

  1. Forty blades every six months for $8 each shipment, or;
  2. One hundred blades for $16 all in one yearly shipment.

Your call. The prices are the same for all our blades — our own cost is almost identical for all three, so we have no reason to try and push one over the other. Whatever you like, you get, and for only $16 a year. And all our prices already include sales tax and shipping, so there's no hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises.

So, to be clear, that's $20 for the Badass Shaver, case, and blade samples, and then only $16 per year for blades after that. Not per month, per year. Now do you see why the big manufacturers stopped selling them in the U.S.?

Now, we know some of you just don't want a subscription, and that's OK. If you want to buy blades from us a la carte, you will receive thirty blades for $8, or eighty blades for $16. If you're extra frugal, this is still enough for about six months/one year of shaves, and that still includes sales tax and shipping.

Also, all of our customers are eligible for our referral program! Each friend you send to us who buys a Badass Shaver or a blade subscription (not a la carte, sorry) earns you a credit for 10 bonus blades of your choice on your next order. How sweet is that?

No credit card? No problem! We're selling an old-fashioned product, so we can do business the old-fashioned way. Just mail us a note with 1) what you want to buy and 2) your shipping address (P.O. boxes are fine), and include a money order for the total, and we'll ship your goods as soon as the money order clears our bank, usually 1-2 weeks. Easy peasy. No personal checks through the mail, though. We're not quite that old-fashioned.

Our mailing address is:

Badass Shaver Co.
521 W. Ocean Ave., Unit A
Lompoc, CA 93436

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