Safety Razor F.A.Q.s

Can women use the Badass Shaver, too?

Of course. Please note, though, that the Badass Shaver was designed to shave the male face. We can't vouch for the quality of the shave experience outside that use. That said, we also believe strongly in letting people make their own decisions.

Can I use the Badass Shaver to shave my head/back/dangly bits?

See above.

Do you ship to [YOUR_COUNTRY_HERE]?

We currently ship only to the United States, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. That may change in the future.

Should I flip over my blade after each shave to even out wear?

It's not necessary. The effect is negligible-to-zero, but if it makes you feel better, have at.

…but don't the numbers printed on the blade mean something about rotating the blade?

Nope. They're an artifact of the quality control process during manufacturing. They don't mean anything in terms of shaving.

How will I know which blade is right for me?

As you try each blade a few times, you should notice that one of them in particular cuts your beard cleanest with no burn or bumps. That's the one to stick with (and re-order from Badass Shaver Co.)!

Privacy Policy

Badass Shaver Co. uses a simple two-step process to protect your privacy:

  1. We never sell or give away your personal information to anyone without a signed warrant.
  2. Ever.

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