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Our Blades

We selected three blades we consider to be "best-in-class" for their respective levels of aggression. We also selected blades we found to be especially durable — each blade should last you approximately 5-7 shaves, so if you shave every day or almost every day, a 5-pack should last you about 1 month. Each of our subscription options is designed to give you a full year of shaves (or more!) for only $16!

The Smooth Operator

It's our starter blade, but don't think it's only for newbies — many men around the world use it as their primary blade for life. Known for being smooth and gentle, this blade is an excellent choice for men new to shaving with safety razors, but also for men with sensitive skin, finer beards, or who are prone to razor burn or razor bumps.

The General Badass

Our mid-grade blade. Made of top-quality stainless steel, this blade is designed to offer a close, comfortable, no-frills shave of most beard types. No ups, no extras, no nonsense. If you're big on finding the Middle Way and living a life of moderation, this is a great option for you!

The Sharp Cookie

The most aggressive blade we stock. One of the sharpest on the market, and designed to cut through the toughest beards without a hitch. Made of top-quality stainless steel, sharpened to an edge only microns across, then coated with a thin layer of platinum to protect both the blade and your face. If your beard shrugs off most razors, this blade is up to the task.

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